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ECU® solution
(Universal Collect Equipment)

  • remote monitoring of the technical environment ("health") of the network at national level.
  • Prevents eventual breakdown of telecommunications.
  • Brings a real added value service to operators: real-time information (national and local supervisors).
  • Optimizes the remote information (web service).
  • Friendliness of the system.
  • Modularity and interoperability (multi-protocol).
  • Scalability of the "offer (ROHS, Mini ECU, etc ...)





SECURITY Client-serveur Web Application 

  • Monitoring of Isolated, extended and distributed sites.
  • Autonomy (IP - Embedded Web).
  • Supervision (SCADA) of important sites.
  • Distributed intelligence.
  • Uses the existing network.
  • Allows the use of BIOMETRIC BADGE.

"All in One" Solution , simple, powerful, flexible and scalable.

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