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OSGP (Open Smart Grid Protocol) Norms ETSI (GS 001 OSG & TS 103 908)

IDems® Application - MDMS

IDems® was developed on an open architecture with interoperability of connected devices. It is using OSGP system and protocol.

Our solution is remarkable by especially innovative features compared to existing solutions on the market.

It allows the automatic management / remote management of a fleet of multifluid smart meters and communication devices. It includes the network topology, equipment geolocation, control and monitoring of transformers.

Smart Grid GO-IDems® Solution

  • Increases reliability and security level of the grid.
  • Involves consumers to optimize the network performance.
  • Optimizes the distribution network by integrating dispersed renewable energy production.
  • Allows remote monitoring of energy meters fleet.
  • Supports data from water and gas meters  through the electric meter.

The strengths

  • Multifluid Solution on the same media (Electricity, Gas, Water, Renewable Energy ...)
  • Security : alerts on fraud, handling, peaks management, etc ...
  • Quality : load profile,  measurement index.
  • Close follow up of the customers : consumption reading, restriction, changes or adjustments of the power to the needs of the customer.
  • Legal compliance: 10 tariffs + 4.
  • Automatic remote firmware update.
  • Computer system with VMware ® virtualization

Our Smart Grid GO-IDems® solution

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